Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

Starters for Stories is designed to help you find ideas for a story and beat writers block. I’ve divided the story prompts into categories depending on genre, however many can fit more than one genre. You can also mix and match. For example, you might write a horror story using one of the prompts and add one of the romance ideas as a subplot. Or vice versa! Taking a story idea from one genre and using it in a different one can produce some of the best ideas.

Some people would argue that there are no new ideas for stories. That may be true, but there are certainly new ways of combining and expressing those ideas. That’s what these starters are for – to kick-start your creativity. Don’t feel constrained by them. Change them, combine them, reverse them.  Use them as starting points for your own original story. Shed your literary limitations and let your imagination fly.

There should be plenty there to get your creative literacy neurons firing! So settle down where you do your best writing and let the stories flow.

And above all, have fun writing.