Bloodless (Horror/SF)

Your character cuts himself badly… but he doesn’t bleed.

Questions and ideas for follow-up:

  • Why doesn’t he bleed? Perhaps he’s not really human? Is he an android / alien / angel / demon? If so, does he know?
  • Has he always been like this, or is he a replacement for the original? If so, what happened to the original and why? Was there ever an original?
  • Maybe the character has developed/ is developing super abilities. Or maybe he doesn’t bleed because he’s already dead.
  • Perhaps the character was on a deep cover mission and lost his memory or had it wiped. Does he remember now? If so, does the memory come back gradually or in a flash?
  • Does he develop any other resistances, for example to burning or falling?
  • Does he simply not bleed or does he no longer even have blood?
  • How will he react to this? If he visits a doctor, what will happen there? Will any government or other agencies take an interest in the medical report?
  • Perhaps the character desperately wants to be a ‘real person’ and bleed. Shades of Pinocchio? This could lead to him taking silly risks or even self-mutilation.