Can’t You See That? (Horror/SF)

Your character notices something very strange, but nobody else seems able to see it. He puts it down to imagination, but sees the same thing again and again.

Questions and ideas for follow-up:

  • What does he see? Is it a spaceship in the sky? Glowing green goo oozing from the sewers? Angels flying around? Demonic creatures climbing up the walls?
  • Assuming what he sees is really there, why is he the only one who can see it? Has he just had an operation to remove a brain tumour? Some experimental therapy? Has he taken contaminated street drugs? Has he been exposed to some radiation that has cancelled the mind-control implant or removed the hypnotic field affecting everyone else?
  • Has the anomaly only just arrived, or has it always been there and he’s just developed the ability to see it?
  • Does the strange thing show up on cameras and other high tech sensing equipment? Maybe it does, but people looking at the pictures and readings unconsciously blank it out.
  • Does the government know what’s going on? Maybe they are behind it or in collusion with the aliens.
  • If he makes contact with what he sees, what will the reaction be?
  • If he does an online search, will he find others who can see the same thing? Maybe someone has posted a video where he can see the anomaly clearly but all the comments say ‘There’s nothing there.’ Or it’s assumed to be a hoax. Maybe he contacts one of the posters?
  • If others can see the anomaly, is there some sort of group of ‘visionaries’? if so, how are they organised and what are their goals?