Cash Donation (Horror/SF)

Your character lives alone. He comes home one day to find a large amount of money/valuables on the kitchen table. Nothing else, no note. There is no sign of a break-in. About a week later, same thing happens. Then it happens a third time…

Questions and ideas for follow-up:

  • Would the character tell anyone about the money? Would he report it to the police – after all, there’s no crime he knows of.
  • Who is leaving the money and why?
  • What form does the money take? Ordinary notes? Ancient coins? Modern gold bullion? Alien ‘stuff’? Or the receipt for an electronic transfer? Souls in jars?
  • Is it a case of mistaken identity, with the money really intended for someone else? If so, what will happen when the intended recipient finds out about the mistake?
  • Is the main character actually leaving the money there himself whilst under the influence of a spell/mind control/possession? What did he do to get the money?
  • Can the character find any apparent connection between his actions and the appearance of the money? Does it happen every time he takes a particular train, has a particular meal, pats the neighbour’s dog on the head? Those things are probably just a coincidence, but they might not be. If he plays sports, maybe the money appears whenever he wins/loses a game. Or he could make a connection with his performance at work. Or whenever he wishes someone dead…
  • The money might be payment for services already rendered – in this world/life or another. Or maybe it’s ‘paying forwards’. By taking the money, is the character unwittingly entering into a contract of some form? What will be ‘asked’ of him later?