A Strange Coin (SF)

Your character checks his change after leaving a shop. One of the coins is… wrong.

Questions and ideas for follow-up:

  • What sort of wrong? The wrong president/monarch’s head? Maybe even his own head. Or a date far in the future? Is it made of some strange, glowing alien metal? Solid gold? Perhaps there is a minor but significant change to the words? Or maybe the coin itself is normal but a message to the character is written/engraved on it.
  • Assuming the coin isn’t just a bad counterfeit, why has it changed like this? Possible reasons include time travel, alternate histories and parallel universes.
  • Was the coin given to your character deliberately or was it an accident? Does anyone want to get it back?
  • Is the coin unique or do others start appearing? Does only your character get them or everyone? Do they all originate from the same shop – is it some sort of portal? Is the shopkeeper involved? Do you only get a special coin when you buy a particular item?
  • What would happen if the character tried to spend one of these coins?
  • Are there people/aliens/things trying to get the coins back?