Online (Horror/SF)

Your character is at work. He becomes aware that several co-workers are gathered around a computer screen, pointing and talking quietly. They keep glancing in his direction then looking away.

Questions and ideas for follow-up:

  • What have they found on the internet? Possibly something embarrassing from his past? A historical detail that he thought he’d covered up? Revenge porn? Details of a past crime?
  • Or perhaps it’s not historic but recent. Video of something that happened last weekend when he thought he wasn’t being watched. Or an incident he doesn’t remember. Perhaps something he’s thought about doing but not actually done
  • Perhaps it’s someone making an accusation against him, or his face appearing as a photofit on the news.
  • How bad is the stuff they’re looking at? Is it just embarrassing? Criminal? Violent? Does it reveal some dark secret? Is your character a spy/alien infiltrator/demon/member of a cult?
  • Is it real or faked? Badly faked or convincingly deep faked? If he takes the video to a tech guru, what would the guru say about its authenticity?
  • Has the video been sent to a single person in the company? A few people? The boss? Or has it been uploaded to YouTube for the world to see?
  • Is your charcter in a sensitive job such as policeman, politician, teacher?
  • How does the conversation between your character and his colleagues go? Does he try to lauch everything off as a joke? Does he swear revenge? Is he fired/suspended?
  • Who sent it and why? Do they want to expose/discredit/destroy your character? Is this just a warning shot because there’s more to come? Or is he the target of a dedicated worldwide group of alien/demon/satanist hunters?