School Run (Horror/SF)

Your character drives to the local school to pick up his child/children. When he arrives, he finds the school cordoned off by soldiers. They refuse to let anyone through or to answer questions.

Questions and ideas for follow-up:

  • Are the soldiers regular army or a special unit? Men in black? Are they wearing hazmat suits? Are they wielding ordinary weapons or something else? Futuristic laser guns? Wooden stakes?
  • Is something currently happening inside the school, or has it already happened? Is it happening just at this school, or at all schools in the city/country?
  • Are the soldiers there to stop people getting in or to stop something getting out?
  • Are they protecting the children? Or are the children themselves actually the danger? Are they still children?
  • What risks would your character take in order to see and (hopefully) rescue his children? Would he work with other parents?
  • Would the soldiers be willing to fire on unarmed parents? On ‘children’?
  • Are the soldiers questioning parents? Would your character cooperate or run? Maybe he knows more than he’s letting on.
  • Maybe there’s something special about his child that is causing this. Does he know? Is it inherited?
  • Maybe your character doesn’t actually have a child at the school but was ‘summoned’.