Tattoo (Horror/SF)

Your character wakes up, possibly with a hangover, and can’t remember much about previous night. When he goes to shower, he discovers a strange tattoo on his arm.

Questions and ideas for follow-up:

  • What is the tattoo design? Maybe an ordinary anchor/mermaid but somehow wrong? A strange mystic symbol? Is it words: an insult or a warning? Maybe it’s writing but he can’t make any sense of it. It might be an alien language, a coded message or a scientific formula. Possibly a barcode or QR code.
  • Is this a one off? Or does he wake up every morning with a new tattoo? Do they make more sense when taken together? Could they be interpreted as a chemical formula or a map?
  • Are these ordinary tattoos, or do they do something strange? Maybe they move around his body, glow in the dark, pulsate or hiss.
  • Do they suggest people/a person he knows/used to know? Why?
  • What would he do if one of the tattoos appears on a highly visible part of his body such as his face?
  • Do the tattoos relate to his life, possibly past or future misdeeds? Or do they build up a story of something very unpleasant that is going to happen to him unless…