Vocal Attraction (Romance)

We all know the idea of “love at first sight”. What about “love at first hearing”? Perhaps Charlie becomes smitten after hearing Frankie speak. Finding ways to see a person is easy, finding excuses to hear them speak is more difficult. Unless, perhaps, that person works in a public facing job.

What if Charlie hears Frankie’s voice without seeing Frankie? Maybe in the next aisle of a supermarket. By the time Charlie get there, Frankie has gone and now Charlie has to track Frankie down by voice alone.

Another option is that Charlie is obsessively trying to find someone with a particular voice – maybe someone who reminds Charlie of a particular celebrity or ex partner. That could move the story into the realms of dark romance, maybe even crime and/or horror.

Maybe Charlie’s vocal obsession is with a virtual assistant such as Alexa or Siri. This could be a comedy, or it could lead to a BDSM style relationship. Maybe both!