Clumsy Waiter (Romance)

The story setup:

Sam works waiting tables at a food/drink place. Kim comes in and orders. Sam takes the order over to Kim’s table but spills it on Kim’s jacket.

A fairly basic starter (excuse the pun) but lots of different ways you can go. Here are some ideas to think about:

  • What sort of place is it? Ordinary and down to earth or exclusive and expensive? The latter would fit a billionaire romance. Or maybe it’s an ordinary place but Kim is clearly rich – why is he/she slumming it in a place like this? Sam?
  • Is this Kim’s first visit to the place? Or has he/she come here before and Sam has noticed him/her, perhaps even hoping to be the one to serve him/her? Maybe we learn later in the story that Kim has been coming back to the place because he/she noticed Sam.
  • Why does Sam drop the order? Is he/she naturally clumsy? That could be a useful character trait for a romcom. Maybe Kim says something accidentally or deliberately flirty. If you want to go kinky, possibly a comment about Sam ‘serving’ him/her. Or maybe nothing needs to be said, it’s just that their eyes lock…
  • How do the two characters react to the incident? If you’re writing a short story, it could be a bonding moment. For a longer novel, Kim could become very angry, creating an obstacle to be overcome.
  • How will the two meet again? Maybe Kim demands (or Sam suggests) that Sam get the jacket cleaned and return it personally – hence getting Kim’s address. Or maybe in the fuss of the spillage Kim drops something – perhaps a phone – which Sam uses to track him/her down on the pretext of returning it.
  • Does Sam get fired over the incident? Maybe the owner tries to fire Sam but Kim intervenes. Again, if you’re going kinky then perhaps a reference to “I’ll punish him/her myself”. Maybe Kim feels guilty for Sam being fired and offers to employ him/her. Or perhaps billionaire Kim actually owns the restaurant.

Have fun!