Taxi Driver (Romance)

The setup:

Pat orders a taxi for a long journey. When it arrives, the driver is Frankie. It soon becomes clear that Frankie is a chatty cabbie. At first Pat finds this irritating, but as the drive continues the two begin to bond. By the time they arrive at the destination, Pat wants to see Frankie again.

Things to consider:

  • Where is Pat travelling to? Can this be significant in the story?
  • How do the two get back together again? Maybe Frankie insists on giving Pat a receipt, which turns out to have his/her phone number on the back. Maybe Pat accidentally or deliberately leaves something in the back of the cab. Maybe Pat orders a cab for the same journey agin, possibly not really needing to do it, in the hope that Frankie turns up. Maybe Frankie has persuaded the dispatcher to give him/her any jobs from Pat.
  • Cabbies get to know everything about the town. Frankie would know all the most romantic and interesting places, both respectable and otherwise. Lots of options for evenings out.
  • Cabbies often have to pick up strange, potentially dangerous people. Frankie might be worried for Pat’s safety. Maybe that worry turns out to be justified.
  • If you really, really need to get somewhere quickly then knowing a cabbie is a big help. Can you use this at some point in the story?