Spectacles (Romance)

The meet-cute:

Casey is walking along the street on a windy day. A sudden gust of wind whips his/her glasses off his/her face and along the ground. Towards Sam.

So, what happens to the glasses? What interaction occurs? A couple of ideas:

  • Sam stops the glasses and returns them to a grateful Casey. When Casey puts them back on, he/she gets a first good look at Sam. Casey then insists on buying Sam a coffee/drink to say thanks, though this might just be an excuse.
  • The glasses shoot along the street towards Sam, who accidentally steps on them and breaks them. Cue embarrassment and apology, possibly Casey putting the glasses back on and viewing Sam through cracked lenses. Maybe Sam insists on taking Casey straight to an optician’s store to buy a new pair.
  • Casey rushes along the street after the glasses, not noticing Sam and crashing straight into him/her. By the time the two of them untangle themselves and stop apologising, the glasses have blown into the road and been crushed. Maybe Sam will offer to help Casey choose a new pair.
  • If the two of them do end up choosing the new glasses together, that will give a lot of scope for looking into each others’ eyes, commenting on features, touching face and hair, etc.
  • Variations on this theme might include Casey and Sam bumping into each other in a club and Casey’s glasses being knocked to the floor.
  • If you’re doing paranormal romance (PNR) then maybe Casey is a vampire and the highly tinted glasses are essential to allow him/her out in daylight. Casey would be near blind and/or in pain without them. Which might puzzle Sam if vampires aren’t common in your world.
  • It doesn’t have to be spectacles caught in the wind. Maybe a hat or scarf? Or something more unusual like a wig?