Snowball (Romance)

Meet cute:

It’s winter and Frankie is walking along the street or across a park. Some kids are having a snowball fight. One of them throws a snowball at Frankie. Frankie is a fun loving extrovert, so he/she joins in and starts throwing snowballs back. One of them misses and hits Kim who is passing by.

How does Kim react? Does he/she also join in – probably ending up with the two of them throwing snowballs at each other and ignoring the kids! Or is Kim a more repressed, straight laced type who glowers or even shouts at Frankie?

Maybe the snowball unbalances Frankie who slips over. Kim will obviously go over to apologise and help Kim up.

Follow up possibilities:

Kim will probably offer to buy Frankie a coffee or something stronger to help him/her warm up. Will Frankie accept or refuse in a huff? If the latter, maybe the next day Kim could ‘accidentally’ throw another snowball at Frankie. Or Frankie could have decided that he/she reacted badly and needs to lighten up, so it’s Kim who gets hit by the snowball the next day.

Maybe the two of them could join up in a snowball fight with the kids, leaving them both cold and wet and needing to warm up at one of their homes.

Snowballs cocktails could become their regular drink!