Pet Problems (Romance)

The setup:

Casey notices a dog/cat in his/her garden causing problems, so he/she goes out and shoos it away. However it returns. Eventually, Casey either grabs the animal or tempts in indoors (potential for some slapstick here). Casey finds the phone number of the animal on its collar and rings Sam to complain. But before Casey can get to being angry, Sam starts thanking Casey for finding his/her lost pet. Sam then asks for Casey’s address and comes over to collect the animal

Some thoughts for variations and follow up ideas:

  • What does Casey think about dogs/cats? Does he/she like them, giving an instant bond with Sam? Or does he/she not like them but pretend otherwise in order to get to know Sam better? Maybe Casey even buys a pet as an excuse to spend more time with Sam (walking dogs etc). Or perhaps ‘dogs vs cats’ becomes an ongoing theme of your story.
  • What is it about Sam’s voice on the phone that stops Casey from being angry? Is Sam’s voice amazingly sexy? Is he/she so effusively thankful that Casey can’t get a word in edgeways? Does he/she start crying with relief?
  • What if Casey is allergic to/scared of the pet ?
  • What if the pet is a dog and Casey already owns a cat, or vice versa?
  • Maybe the animal escapes before Sam arrives and the two of them have to catch it again.
  • Maybe Sam is out of town and asks Casey to look after the animal for a few days (potential for more slapstick). Sam might ask to see the animal over the internet, letting Sam and Casey see each other in the process. And Sam will be especially grateful to Casey when he/she returns.
  • This setup could be interesting for a shifter PNR (paranormal romance). Is one of them a shifter? Do shifters have pets? Would the animal be able to sense the shifter in human form? If so, how would a dog/cat react to a wolf/bear shifter? Or maybe Sam is the ‘pet’ animal.