Bag Snatcher (Romance)

For this story starter, Casey probably needs to be female for the bag. Sam can be male or female.


Casey is walking along the street, bag over her shoulder. Sam is following a little way behind, possibly enjoying the view. A person comes running in the other direction, grabs the bag from Casey’s shoulder and keeps running. Sam instinctively tries to stop the thief.

Some further possibilities:

  • If Sam is a physically competent type, he/she could trip the thief or wrestle them to the ground and get the bag back. It’s probably simplest if you let the thief get away to avoid the need for police involvement.
  • Or perhaps Sam’s attempt at being a hero fails, maybe so badly that it’s funny, embarrassing and/or painful. The thief gets away with the bag.
  • Either way, Sam and Casey will get talking and you have an excuse to get them to a bar or coffee shop.
  • Was it simply a random mugging? Or was Casey targetted for some reason? Someone trying to scare her? An ex trying to get something back from her? Does she have access to documents someone wants?
  • Maybe Sam and Casey decide to go to self defence classes together.
  • What if Sam recognised the thief?
  • What happens if some time later they see the mugger on the street? Maybe the thief is about to grab someone else’s bag and they intervene? Or maybe they follow the thief and ‘have words’?