Protest (Romance)

This writing prompt could either be for a romance story with a political/crime/thriller subplot, or the other way round!

The meeting:

Kim is taking part in a protest, carrying a banner and/or handing out leaflets. Sam walks past and the two get talking about the protest.

Further thoughts:

  • People protest against things. What is Kim protesting against? Closing of local facilities? A new factory/power plant? Environmental damage? Corruption? Police brutality?
  • Will the protest simply be an excuse for a meet and an introduction to the characters? Or will it form an important part of your story? Will Sam help Kim win or will Kim win despite Sam?
  • What form does the first meeting take? Does Kim walk up to Sam and thrust out a leaflet? Does Sam walk up to Kim and ask what’s going on? Do they shout insults at each other? Is one (or both) of them using the protest as an excuse for first contact?
  • Do the two of them already know each other at all? Maybe they work together or catch the same train. Maybe one of them has been trying to work up the courage to talk to the other.
  • What is Sam’s initial position on the protest? Will the two agree and bond, maybe with Sam joining in? Or is Sam on the other side of the issue, possibly leading to a fraught first meeting? Or maybe Sam has no idea what it’s all about and is open to persuasion… by both sides.
  • If Sam is open to persuasion, maybe Kim could invite him/her to a meeting of their activist group. If Sam isn’t used to such things, it could come as quite a culture shock.
  • If Sam disagrees with Kim, would he/she pretend to think otherwise in order to spend more time together? Maybe over time Sam comes round to Kim’s way of thinking – or vice versa. Or maybe the issue remains a thorn in their relationship.
  • What if Sam actually has some connection with the people responsible for whatever Kim is protesting over? Would he/she admit it up front or try to hide it? If Kim finds out, what would the reaction be? Could Sam’s connections help to achieve Kim’s aims?