Bar Singer (Romance)

The setup:

Casey goes into a bar to drown his/her sorrows. Pat is there singing.

There are lots of ways to go from here. A few ideas:

  • Maybe Casey feels as if Pat’s songs fit his/her situation. Perhaps they catch each other’s eye and recognise the emotions – either clear pain or the tears of a clown.
  • Maybe Casey requests a song that has special meaning for him/her.
  • Maybe Casey gets drunk and starts singing along with Pat. This could be really embarrassing, or Casey could turn out to have a really good voice. Maybe they end up playing the same bar as a duo?
  • How would Casey react to others in the pub heckling/booing Pat?
  • If you want to get things moving quickly, Pat could join Casey for a drink once his/her set is over.
  • Or maybe you string it out a bit. Casey makes a point of going to that bar every Friday night until one of them gets up the courage to make a move.
  • Or maybe Casey is ready to talk to Pat, has decided that tonight will be the night… but when he/she gets to the bar it’s a different singer.