Slap Happy (Romance)

The meet cute:

Frankie is in a store. Charlie, a stranger, is standing in front of the section of shelves Frankie needs, looking at the goods. Frankie tries to reach past Charlie to get something from the shelf and in doing so accidentally brushes against Charlie’s arm. Charlie spins round and slaps Frankie hard in the face.

OK, maybe not such a cute meet! But an interesting one. Some ideas and questions to extend this story starter:

  • Why does Charlie react like this to a gentle, accidental contact from a stranger? Has Charlie been in an abusive relationship – maybe he/she is still in one? Has Charlie recently had an argument with somebody and assumes that Frankie is that person? Perhaps Charlie is thinking about a situation that is making him/her feel angry and Frankie’s touch is the trigger that releases that anger as violence. Or maybe Charlie has seen Frankie in a store mirror and it’s a case of mistaken identity.
  • What would Frankie’s response be? Would he/she just stand there in shock, trying to understand what had happened? Would he/she slap back? Scream? Run away? What if Frankie is the one who has been in an abusive relationship?
  • How does Charlie react on realising what’s happened? Abject apology? Turn round and try to pretend it never happened? Start crying?
  • If you want to get kinky, Frankie could flirtingly tell Charlie that he/she enjoyed being slapped.
  • Would other customers and/or store security get involved?
  • One way or another, you probably have an opportunity to get the two of them talking at a bar or coffee shop. Or, you could leave things in the air for now and wait until next week. Then you could do something like have Frankie say ‘Hello again’ from a safe distance!